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Victory Clubs

We've already made a huge difference for thousands of students.

About Victory Clubs

Five years ago, David & Jackie Siegel lost their precious daughter Victoria to a drug overdose. In trying to understand their loss, the Siegel’s became extremely versed on the drug epidemic that is robbing our country of its most precious resource: our kids. From their sorrow and armed with their enlightened knowledge, the Victoria’s Voice Foundation was born. They are committed to do whatever is necessary to spare other parents from the agony of losing a child and are on a quest to raise awareness, change policy, educate, and incentivize kids to be drug free.


A primary component of Victoria’s Voice Foundation is Victory Clubs. Victory Clubs is an extraordinary drug prevention and awareness program designed to reward, educate, empower, and incentivize members who make the choice to be drug-free.

Victory Clubs empowers parents, educators, and communities to build a drug-free youth. We’re creating effective programs across the country by combining five drug prevention strategies into one plan that works.

What do students get?


tickets to exclusive concerts and events


access to meet influencers and join •LIVE chats.


worth of discounts at retailers across the country

How does it work?

Click "JOIN NOW" below and complete the on-line application. If you are under the age of 18, you will need parent permission to apply.

Once your application is complete, you will receive information about where to report for your initial drug screening. If you are under 18 years of age, your legal guardian will need to accompany you. You will also need some form of official identification such as a school ID card, driver’s license, passport, etc.

If your drug screening yields a negative result, you will receive a link to activate your digital Victory Clubs membership and can begin immediately accessing your rewards! Applicants with positive results will have the opportunity to reapply!

What makes Victory Clubs different?

In addition to members receiving discounts at places to eat, shop, play, and travel, and opportunities to participate in exclusive VIP members-only events, Victory Clubs has established partnerships with outstanding organizations that provide:

  • Access to Counseling Referrals for Members Struggling with Addiction

  • Access to Free Educational Materials, Videos, and Other Resources

  • Virtual Webinars with Influencers and Leaders in a Variety of Industries

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